Your partner for resource-efficient production and processing in the industry 4.0 environment

Our research activities range from targeted solutions for processes, components, modules, and complex facilities to uninterrupted process chains to innovative approaches for planning, assessing, and controlling production.


Resource efficiency in processes

  • Resource-efficient factories
  • Energy efficiency and energy flexibility

Contact: Andrea Hohmann

  • Technical cleanliness and new cleaning processes
  • Quality assurance in component cleaning

Contact: Dr.-Ing. Christian Seidel


Intelligent networked production

  • Intelligent factory operation
  • Business organization | supply chain
  • IT systems | technical infrastructure
  • Decision and assistance systems
  • Intelligent tools
  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

Flexible production

  • Efficient forming and processing with flexible tool systems
  • Flexible systems engineering for easy automation of production processes
  • Assessing and designing format- and volume-flexible packaging systems

Networked modeling and simulation

  • Physics-based simulation of production-related systems
  • Chaining of different simulation methods from plant to process level
  • Simulative assessment of production scenarios
  • Benchmarking of development and simulation tools

Additive manufacturing