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We have curated a selected collection of reference projects from Fraunhofer IGCV.

The projects cover a wide range of research focus areas, which can be easily explored by filtering through different categories.

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  • Titelbild, Kachel, Icon zum Thema Laserstrahlschmelzen in der Additiven Fertigung

    The increasing industrial relevance of laser beam melting (LPBF) for the production of metallic components has not only led to new developments in recent years, but has also revealed limitations. In order to investigate the transferability of electrophotographic powder application to the LBM process, the PHOTOAM project is investigating the process phases sequentially. In this way, essential process knowledge is developed, a system implementation is prepared and the development of the potential for additive manufacturing is driven forward.

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  • Projekt zum Thema Künstliche Intelligenz, Copyright: A3 | Christian Strohmayr
    © A3 | Christian Strohmayr

    The aim of this research project is to develop a methodological toolkit for the selection and implementation of use case-specific digital assistance systems in multi-variant production and assembly. This toolkit is intended to enable companies to select and introduce the optimum assistance system for their specific application using a structured process.

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  • Titelbild, Kachel, Icon zu Zusammenarbeit
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    Customers now expect greater customization and configuration options for their products while at the same time demanding higher quality. In contrast to previous configuration solutions, InnoCyFer allows customers to intervene in the product development process and incorporate their own product ideas with the help of flexible manufacturing systems. InnoCyFer combines such systems and intelligent objects as a cyber-physical manufacturing system.

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  • Titelbild, Kachel, Icon zum Thema Multimaterial

    The MULTISURV research project investigated methods of process monitoring in multi-material processing in collaboration with the Augsburg Multi-Material Center. Examples of this are powder bed monitoring and quality control of solidified coatings, both using active thermography. Another area is the spectroscopic analysis of process emissions.

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  • NewAirgiLity

    Networked application-oriented aviation research through an agile, intelligent, networked and holistic knowledge management for lightweight construction.

    Titelbild, Kachel, Icon zur gesellschaftlichen Verantwortung des Fraunhofer IGCV
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    The project NewAirgiLity addresses the conceptual design of a system architecture for agile knowledge management and thus sets the course for a holistic, method-based, and digitalized knowledge modeling in composite lightweight construction.

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  • Titelbild, Kachel, Icon zu Kaltgasspritzen in der Additiven Fertigung
    © A3 | Christian Strohmayr

    Ziel des Projekts HYBDED ist die Implementierung mechatronischer Komponenten in ein kaltgasgespritztes Bauteil mittels RFID-Tag, wodurch eine hohe Auftragsrate und damit kurze Fertigungszeiten ermöglicht werden. Mit der Integration von Sensoren in Bauteile können Daten an bisher nicht oder nur sehr schwer zugänglichen Positionen erfasst werden.

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  • Titelbild, Kachel, Icon zum Thema KI und maschinelles Lernen
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    Over the past three years, the joint project SynDiQuAss has been working on the integration of digitalisation, assistance systems and quality assurance into a system that networks workplaces, factory planning and quality data in order to make everyday work easier and more advanced. Fraunhofer IGCV and other project partners have received funding in the amount of 1.7 million euros for this research since 2017.

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