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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Volk takes over the position of Executive Director at Fraunhofer IGCV in Augsburg



HRC-support for performance transformed individuals

Assistance robots for the support of performance-impaired persons


Neo-ecology through innovative paper technology

Reduce CO2 footprint with recycled carbon fibers from our wetlaid plant


Design goes Casting

Casting technology and additive manufacturing for furniture and interiors in a collaborative project between the University of Applied Sciences Munich and researchers at Fraunhofer IGCV


White Paper AM

Exploiting the untapped potential of additive manufacturing: White Paper »An Additive Manufacturing Breakthrough: A How-to Guide for Scaling and Overcoming Key Challenges«


Solidarity with Ukraine

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft strongly condemns Russia's belligerent actions against Ukraine. Our solidarity goes out to all those affected and to all those who reject and condemn this war.


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Augsburg location

Am Technologiezentrum 2
D-86159 Augsburg

Am Technologiezentrum 10
D-86159 Augsburg


Garching location
(near Munich)

Lichtenbergstraße 15
D-85748 Garching  


Fraunhofer Institute for Casting, Composite and Processing Technology IGCV


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Volk

Director (executive)


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Drechsler



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rüdiger Daub



Phone +49 (0) 821 90678 - 0



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