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Welcome to the virtual shopfloor of Fraunhofer IGCV

In our digital environment, you can explore how we transform state-of-the-art manufacturing research into industrial applications.

Our clickable virtual tours with focus on our competences and lead topics provide you with detailed information and multimedia content related to our research.

Here you can jump directly into our platform IGCVirtuell:

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Complete Tour

Experience application-driven research with focus on efficient engineering, networked production and smart multi-material solutions on a walk across our virtual factory floor.

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Casting Technology

Discover cost-efficient and cutting-edge metallic casting processes in the context of Casting 4.0.

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Composite Technology

Discover innovative solutions for the manufacture and processing of composite materials that match your requirements.

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Composite Recycling

Find out how to separate individual materials from fiber-reinforced plastic to ensure a more sustainable handling of this group of materials along the entire recycling chain.

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Projekte zum Thema Additive Fertigung

Additive Manufacturing and Multi-Material Solutions

Learn more about additive manufacturing of metal components and metallic multi-material components, polymers and composites as well as the additive processing of materials for casting technology.

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Quality and Testing

Learn how to utilize state-of-the-art technologies to ensure precise measurement results and quality testing in research and industry.

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»IGCVirtuell« is the German name of our virtual platform and was derived from the project of the same name. The project was initialized to show all our competences and lead topics in one place and turn the factory floors at our three locations into a virtual experience…

…for existing and potential industry clients

…for existing and potential project partners

…for stakeholders in politics and the scientific world

…for the media, future employees and other interested parties.


The project idea originated during the COVID-19 pandemic when employees at Fraunhofer IGCV faced challenges in maintaining and expanding their contacts with industry and research. The resulting »virtual institute« translates the vision and mission of Fraunhofer IGCV into the digital space: It showcases applied research, our interdisciplinary solutions in the fields of casting, composite, and processing technology, and the modern infrastructure we can offer to customers and partners.


We hope you enjoy your virtual visit to Fraunhofer IGCV and find inspiration in the exciting research happening here!

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