Characterized by our cross-industry research and project work, we are able to support our partners in many ways in the area of production. Due to the three main focus sectors of the Fraunhofer IGCV "Mechanical and Plant Engineering", "Aerospace Technology", "Automotive and Commercial Vehicles", we have experience in the production of individual single pieces up to high-volume mass production. Due to our cross-material class research work, we have know-how in the production of both plastic and metal components.

Our areas of expertise range from production engineering and production systems to production management and the development of company networks:

  • Casting processes and related materials
  • Molding processes and molding materials for casting technology
  • Materials and processes for additive manufacturing
  • Manufacturing processes and related materials for composite components with focus on pultrusion, fiber placement and composite molding
  • Test engineering with focus on composite and metal components
  • Recycling of composite components
  • Online process monitoring of manufacturing processes
  • Quality and technical cleanliness in process chains
  • Plant and control technology with a focus on flexibilization
  • Cooperative robotics and human-machine interaction
  • Production management with focus on production planning, control and organization
  • Cognitive assistance systems for manufacturing and assembly
  • Implementation models and process chains for additive production
  • Factory planning and evaluation with focus on energy in production

Further competences



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Multi-material solutions

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Further reference projects

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Biological Transformation

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Composite Recycling

With numerous research projects along the entire recycling chain, we are ensuring a more sustainable approach to this group of materials.