HRC-support for performance transformed individuals

Due to demographic change, it is expected that the proportion of older employees and the associated health restrictions will continue to increase in the future. At Fraunhofer IGCV, we have therefore asked ourselves how workers with physical limitations can be supported by an adapted workplace to continue to perform their previous tasks.

Together with our partners MaibornWolff, Roboception, Tawny and the Ulrichswerkstätten in Schwabmünchen, we are working on the »RobIn4LeMi« project on robot-assisted interaction systems to support performance-challenged individuals. With suitable assistance systems, we can improve the currently still limited physical support of performance-impaired workers. This should enable them to continue performing their tasks at total capacity.

The Interaction between humans and robots plays a crucial role here. The project investigates various technologies such as voice and gesture controls and intuitive feedback systems. The focus is on individual adaptation to the users. Our task in the project is in particular the development of intuitive interaction technologies and the intelligent adaptability of the robot to the human. In order to evaluate the individual research results, a demonstrator will be set up, which will be optimized interactively in field tests. 

Through this project, we hope to contribute to the occupational participation of people with physical disabilities and thus help shape the future of modern production. For more information, please visit the project website at

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Project »RobIn4LeMi« develops assistance systems to support performance-challenged individuals

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