Production engineering


Narrow slitting and winding machine with four winders for the converting of thermoplastic UD tapes

  • Cutting width: 6.35mm to < 600mm variably adjustable
  • Width of the mother coil: up to 600mm

Automated fiber placement

8 x 1/4" robot-based laying technology

  • Multi-material capable (binder yarns, thermoset and thermoplastic tows)
  • Component sizes of max. 7m realizable
  • Vertical and horizontal positioner

Automated tape laying

Deposition of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic tapes in different fiber orientations

  • Max. Scrim size 2m x 2m
  • Tape widths Infinitely variable between 50mm and 150mm
  • Simultaneous ultrasonic welding


  • Fluid-heated heating press
  • Max. Temperature: 360°C
  • Pressing surface: 860mm x 600mn
  • Max. pressing force: 1370kN
  • Infrared heating field and heating table
  • Air circulating oven


  • Profile cross-sections of up to 500mm x 150mm
  • Max. drawing speed 4m/min
  • 6 heating zones with 3kW each
  • Open impregnation process or direct resin injection
  • Braiding pultrusion

3D printers

3D printing of non-reinforced and fiber-reinforced nylon/PA6

  • Carbon, glass and aramid fiber printable
  • Max. producible geometry 320mm x 132mm x 154mm


  • Pyrolysis furnace
  • Max. temperature 1050°C
  • Useful space: 440mm x 770mm x 540mm
  • Defined fiber size reduction and fleece characterization
  • Robot-supported depositing unit for CFK patches