Multi-material solutions

We have profound knowledge in the field of fiber reinforced plastics and metals. Combining this knowledge into intelligent multi-material solutions is a core competence of the Fraunhofer IGCV.

By a multi-material component we mean a component that has been manufactured from at least two different materials. This can be, for example, a metal-CFK composite part, but also a component that consists of two metal alloys. The list of reference projects includes, for example, a sprue made of two metal alloys using additive manufacturing.

Our competence is to provide you with continuous support in developing your potential for multi-material solutions. Our analysis competence initially enables us to identify suitable applications in your portfolio. Building on this, we support you in the implementation. To this end, we contribute our expertise in the areas of engineering and production. When selecting the material pairing, we pay attention to the consistent suitability for design, production, testing and recycling.

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Further reference projects

Here you can find all published reference projects of the Fraunhofer IGCV.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Biological Transformation

Biological transformation offers great potential for a sustainable business.


Composite Recycling

With numerous research projects along the entire recycling chain, we are ensuring a more sustainable approach to this group of materials.