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Hybrid composite design

  • Development and dimensioning of hybrid metal fiber composite components
  • Calculation and optimization of joining technologies with three-dimensional reinforcements for composite materials
  • Forming process simulation of filament reinforced thermoplast structures

Online process monitoring

  • Online monitoring of the curing behavior and phase transitions of thermoset and thermoplast materials
  • Adaptation and integration of optical monitoring systems for monitoring and process control
  • Development of online-compatible quality assurance systems for visual requirements

Materials and test engineering

  • Development of intelligent materials and composite design
  • Scientific analysis of material- and process-specific properties
  • Optimized performance under application-specific marginal conditions
  • Development of testing and analysis methods

CFRP engineering and manufacturing

  • Near net shape and load path optimized composite lightweight structures
  • Industrialization concepts for highly complex component geometries
  • Combination of different placement and process technologies


  • Efficient, high-quality separation of fibers and matrix without material degradation
  • Single fiber characterization
  • Fiber preparation, surface functionalization and recoating
  • Textile semi-finished parts from secondary fibers
  • Debond on demand

Efficiency and balancing

  • Developing and establishing a CFRP database for the life-cycle assessment of high-performance fiber composite structures
  • Developing models for estimating component-related energy consumption and production times
  • Ecological and economic evaluation of different production process chains


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