Automotive and commercial vehicles

In Germany, both the automobile, the truck and bus were invented. According to the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), the industry is constantly reinventing itself with an average of ten patents per day and, with a workforce of around 800,000, represents an important pillar of German industry.

Our partners meet the challenges of modern mobility in the areas of safety, efficiency, comfort and environmental and climate friendliness through their strong focus on research and development. It is not only the corporations, but in particular medium-sized and family-run companies that contribute to the progress of the industry.

Through our application-oriented research work, we support our partners in the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors throughout the entire process, from idea generation to implementation. In this industry, we are distinguished in particular by the fact that we can demonstrate both a wide range of experience in solving urgent everyday problems and also work on groundbreaking topics for the future in joint projects. Gain a first impression here through selected reference projects and contact us at any time with your individual inquiries.

Selected reference projects from the automotive and commercial vehicle industry


Automated, networked, robust tool logistics using assistance robotics.


Development of new methods for the planning of additive manufacturing factories under the condition of multi-material processing.


FORobotics is a project network with partners from science and industry for the development and research of mobile, ad-hoc cooperating robot teams.


The HErzSchLag project (Highly automated preform production by layer-by-layer layering) combines different processes for the cost-effective production of CFRP components.

Digitization in the
casting industry

With the data value stream analysis developed at the Fraunhofer IGCV, the relevant parameters can be identified by means of selective data analyses and targeted on-site process analyses.

Digital assistance

Digital assistance systems in multi-variant production and assembly support companies in realizing competitive advantages.

Learning factory for networked production

Experience and understand Industry 4.0.

Core removal from castings

At the Fraunhofer IGCV, various test rigs and a decoring plant on an industrial scale are available for investigating the decoring behavior of sand binder systems.


Additive multi-material construction of tools and molds.


The Direct Energy Deposition (DED) processes are characterized by a higher deposition rate and larger realizable component dimensions compared to powder bed based processes (e.g. laser beam melting).


In order to analyze different cleaning and detection methods with regard to their suitability for specific applications, MULTIREIN examines selected applications from additive production.


SynErgie is one of four nationwide projects in the funding initiative »Copernicus Projects for the Energy Turnaround« and the only project in the funding line »Orientation of Industrial Processes to Fluctuating Energy Supply«.

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Mechanical and plant engineering

Our partners in mechanical and plant engineering develop innovative solutions for the central challenges of our time.


The aerospace industry has a strong focus on research and development to push the limits of what is technically possible.

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