Highly automated preform production through deposition in layers

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) have an excellent lightweight construction potential. In the automotive industry, the use of these materials for structural components is growing steadily due to the associated fuel savings, increased range (e-mobility) and increased mobility. However, their production is very cost-intensive, since, depending on the component and the production process, production involves a high proportion of off-cuts or the use of very cost-intensive semi-finished fiber products.

The HErzSchLag project links the following existing processes in an intelligent manner:

  • Production of flat components using semi-finished textile products from automotive mass production
  • Continuous processing of continuous carbon fibers for the production of profile structures
  • Near-net-shape strip-wise layer structure of the ATL and AFP technology known from aviation

As a result of different linking approaches, a new system concept of a low-cutting preform technology for flat component structures was developed within the Efficiency and Balance team, which is being expanded and validated in HErzSchLag. The resulting high cost reduction potential is to be proven both technically and economically under industry-oriented boundary conditions. Together with industrial partners, the results can be utilized in the form of a transfer of the pilot plant to industrial scale.

© Fraunhofer IGCV
Exemplary challenging geometries
© Fraunhofer IGCV
Exemplary part geometry

Project duration: October 2016 to October 2018 (2 years)

Project advisory board/mentors:

AUDI AG • BMW Group • Carbon Composites • MAI Carbon • SGL Group


Video: Continuous Fiber Tailoring

Research project HErzSchLag

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