Learning factory for networked production

Experience digitization in production

In the learning factory for networked production, digitization in the manufacturing and assembly of customized products is brought to life. Remote-controlled cars can be assembled in different degrees of digitization. Visitors can try out, test and compare technologies, systems and processes. They are shown how data transparency can be used to respond more quickly to customer inquiries, how production can be controlled and made more efficient through key figures, and how role models can change as a result of digitization.

Assembly of customized products in the learning factory
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Assembly of customized products in the learning factory

The learning factory shows the following topics and technologies:

  • Auto-ID technologies such as RFID, NFC, UWB or barcode
  • Assistance systems for employees in manual assembly and maintenance
  • Digital store floor management and visualization of key figures for production analysis
  • Production planning services such as Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Quality assurance by means of augmented reality
Interactive testing of new technologies
© Fraunhofer IGCV
Interactive testing of new technologies

Education in the learning factory

  • Continuing education: Learning game »from paper-based to digitized production«
  • Workshop: »Finding ideas for digitization«
  • Workshop: »Visualizing KPIs in production - dashboards for production planning and control«
  • Workshop: »Usability and Acceptance of Assistance Systems«
  • Workshop: »Recognizing the potential of augmented reality«
  • Workshop: »Identifying and localizing orders and components«

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Continuing education - the learning game in the learning factory

In the one-day learning game »from paper-based to digitized production«, the assembly of model cars is digitized step by step in three rounds of the game: from the order slips on paper to electronic store floor data collection with barcodes to automatic order recognition and assembly instructions on the tablet.

Participants interactively get to know and compare different technologies in direct application in a mock production scenario. They learn to assess the challenges and potential of digitization realistically.

Between the game rounds, short content-related impulses and reflection rounds impart basic knowledge about the technologies and methods used. Through discovery and problem-oriented learning, knowledge is built sustainably and acceptance for the meaningful integration of new technologies and assistance systems is promoted.


  • 8-13 participants
  • One-day format
  • Learning game in three game rounds supplemented by theoretical impulses and moderated reflection rounds
  • Training materials for all participants

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Main topics in the learning factory

Digital store floor management

  • Relevant key figures are visualized digitally and in a role-specific manner.
  • A KPI-based analysis creates transparency in production and helps to identify weaknesses and optimization potential.
  • Workshop: Visualizing KPIs in Production - Dashboards for Production Planning and Control

Assistance systems in the digital workplace

  • Digital assistance systems help in manual assembly: work instructions, pick-by-light systems, camera-based assistance and intelligent screwdrivers.
  • Systems for information input and output as well as for on-site operation are tested and compared.
  • Workshop: Usability and acceptance of assistance systems

Augmented Reality: Assistance for production processes

  • Augmented reality systems offer many possibilities to support employees in assembly and maintenance.
  • Using glasses or tablets, the environment is enhanced with descriptive content or instructions based on the situation and task.
  • Workshop: Recognizing the potential of augmented reality

Identify and localize with Auto-ID

  • Auto-ID technologies (e.g. RFID, NFC) allow orders to be tracked.
  • Ultra-wideband (UWB) allows real-time position determination and thus accurate documentation and analysis of production processes. 
  • Workshop: Identifying and locating orders and components.

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