Mechanical and plant engineering

According to the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), the mechanical and plant engineering industry is the largest industrial employer in Germany, with over one million employees in Germany. This means that the approximately 6,000 companies in this sector form the backbone of the German economy.

Our partners in mechanical and plant engineering develop innovative solutions for the central challenges of our time. The problems to be solved are characterized by the highest demands on quality and at the same time high cost pressure. We as Fraunhofer IGCV support our partners in mechanical and plant engineering from generating the idea to the implementation. Small and medium-sized companies as well as corporations benefit from our modern equipment and appreciate our reliable project management.

Through our application-oriented research work in the areas of engineering, production and multi-material solutions, we support you today in the implementation of tomorrow's ideas. In the field of mechanical and plant engineering, we have a particularly broad wealth of experience from numerous successful research and industrial projects. Gain a first impression here through selected reference projects and contact us at any time with your individual inquiries.

Selected reference projects from the mechanical and plant engineering industry

Integral lightweight construction for gear wheels by means of laser beam melting

The use of additive manufacturing gives new freedom in the design of gears.

SME 4.0-Competence Center Augsburg

We support SMEs to see the upcoming changes and challenges as an opportunity.

Handwerk Digital

Digitizing the craft trade with proven technologies from Industry 4.0.


Learning factory for networked production

Experience and understand Industry 4.0.

Characterization of mold and casting materials

In the sand and gravity die casting process, the correct selection of mold and casting materials has a decisive influence on the properties and quality of the castings.


The goal of KINEMATAM is to implement encapsulated mechatronic assemblies by means of an adapted laser beam melting process. The project is the next development step in the field of function integration.


In the DIELEKTRO project, the combination of metallic structural parts with electrical components is to be realized.


Powder recycling is particularly important for the economic efficiency of the laser beam melting process (LBM).


The HErzSchLag project (Highly automated preform production by layer-by-layer layering) combines different processes for the cost-effective production of CFRP components.

Simulation and component design

We at the Fraunhofer IGCV continue to develop various CAE tools in order to push the limits further and create new simulation tools for areas not yet covered.


The increasing industrial relevance of laser powderbed-based fusion (LPBF) has led to new technological developments such as multi-material processing in recent years.


Additive multi-material construction of tools and molds.

To the other industry solutions

Automotive and commercial vehicles

The challenges of modern mobility lie above all in the areas of safety, efficiency, comfort and environmental and climate friendliness.


The aerospace industry has a strong focus on research and development to push the limits of what is technically possible.

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