Reference projects processing technology

Projects in the field of additive manufacturing and technical cleanliness

Design of a platinum-rhodium combustion chamber

Use of special materials in space travel.

Multi-material center Augsburg

The MULTIMATERIAL Center Augsburg is one of the largest additive manufacturing projects in Germany and Europe.

Integral lightweight construction of gear wheels by laser beam melting

The use of additive manufacturing gives new scope in the design of gears.


Additive multi-material construction of tools and molds.


The project goal is to provide an approach for a supply-chain- and lifecycle-wide concept that enables producing companies implementing additive manufacturing in an economical way.


Design of cleaning process chains in remanufacturing.


The aim of the CLLAIM project (Creating KnowLedge and SkilLs in AddItive Manufacturing) is to develop a standardized education and training system within the EU for skilled workers in the field of additive manufacturing.  


Within the ULTRAREIN project, a multi-sensor system is being developed with which the measured variables of the ultrasonic bath can be recorded under comparable boundary conditions in order to optimize the cleaning result.


Conventional manufacturing techniques are to be supplemented by additive manufacturing in the form of high-throughput line production systems in order to create a continuous digital process chain from design to product manufacture.


Case hardening of additive steel components

Additive manufacturing (laser beam melting) offers unique possibilities in the shaping of steel components.


Powder quality assurance enables the use of additive manufacturing for the production of patient-specific implants in medical technology.


Intelligent search and gripper system: combining additive manufacturing, sensor and control technology, and artificial intelligence with a bionic approach.

Projects in the field of industry 4.0

Handwerk Digital

Digitization for craft businesses with proven technologies from Industry 4.0.

SME 4.0-Competence Center Augsburg

We support SMEs to see the emerging changes and challenges as an opportunity.

Learning Factory for Networked Production

Experience and understand Industry 4.0.


Open, intelligent services for production.


A new qualification program for industry 4.0 with the aim of building capacity in SMEs and increasing competitiveness.

Digital assistance systems

Digital assistance systems in variant-rich manufacturing and assembly support companies in realizing competitive advantages.


FORobotics is a project network with partners from science and industry for the development and research of mobile, ad-hoc cooperating robot teams.



Green Factory Bavaria (GFB)

Demonstration, learning and research platforms for increasing energy and resource efficiency in companies.


The goal is to develop an adaptive system for online process optimization and predictive maintenance.


Automated, networked, robust tool logistics using assistance robotics.


Agile methods for the model-based development of components for electromobility. They enable a comprehensive and consistent view of the entire life cycle and take production and operation into account.  

Artificial Intelligence in Production

Work with us to find out what action is needed and which AI applications offer the greatest potential for your company.


The research project REIF - Resource-Efficient, Economic and Intelligent Foodchain investigates the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for optimizing the planning and control of value creation in the food industry.

Projects in the field of factory planning and evaluation


Helicopter rotor blades in prepreg construction are very expensive and have a high manual effort. Goal: Illustration and optimization of the material flow / production layout.

Green Factory Bavaria GFB

Demonstration, learning and research platforms for increasing energy and resource efficiency in companies.


"SynErgie" is one of four projects nationwide within the funding initiative "Kopernicus projects for the energy turnaround" and the only project in the funding line "Alignment of industrial processes to fluctuating energy supply".


The HErzSchLag project (highly automated preform production by layer-by-layer layering) combines different processes for the cost-effective production of CFRP components.





In industry, natural aging effects cause energy efficiency deficits that often go unnoticed. We detect such efficiency deficits automatically with machine learning methods.


Smart battery control for production: Research into a novel operating strategy for battery storage for use in manufacturing companies.

Research Fab Battery Cells

Innovative production processes for battery research through flexibilization, modularization and sustainable use of resources.




Decarbonization solutions for sustainable and competitive production.


Flexible and adaptable production systems for electric and conventional trucks.


Decentralized use of hydrogen as energy storage at factory sites.

Projects in the field of Biological Transformation


Biological transformation along the product life cycle using the example of electrically powered aircrafts.


Intelligent search and gripper system: combining additive manufacturing, sensor and control technology, and artificial intelligence with a bionic approach.


A lightweight framework consisting of composite tubes and cast nodes – joined by press connections.


Component condition monitoring using a »sensitive outer skin«.