Reference projects composite technology


From TRL2 to Take-off

Together with Premium AEROTEC GmbH and others, a CFRP production process chain was developed enabling significant weight and cost reduction compared to present-day titanium constructions.


Cost-efficient FVC determination

Standardizing fiber volume content determination (FVC) by means of thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)


MAI Enviro

Preliminary study for the life-cycle analysis with ecobalance assessment of relevant production process chains for CFRP structures.



Energy-efficient production of complex high-performance fiber composite parts by means of pultrusion, in-line braiding, blow forming, and final machining.



This project links different processes for the cost-efficient production of CFRP parts. The acronym HErzSchLag translates into "heart beat" and is derived from the German words for "highly automated preform production through deposition in layers".  



»CaRinA« carbon fiber recycled materials for industrial applications.



The HybCar project develops technologies for the efficient production of hybrid CFRP/metal structural components in the automotive sector.



Innovative, medium-term implementable and cost-saving solutions for CFRP fuselage structure components.



One-Shot-Fully-Integrated-Thermoplastic-Frame: Efficient process chain for the production of integral thermoplastic composite aircraft frames



Lightweight construction at the push of a button: Automated development and evaluation of composite manufacturing processes



Fault detection using AI: condition monitoring in binder jetting



A showcase for end-to-end digitized pultrusion


AirCarbon III

AI in fiber technology: analyzing textures with line scan cameras

Automated monitoring solutions for the inspection of carbon fibers



Semantic modeling of the complex dependencies of additive manufacturing processes



Standardization of the single fiber pull-out test to measure fiber-matrix adhesion.



A lightweight framework consisting of composite tubes and cast nodes – joined by press connections.



Biological transformation along the product life cycle using the example of electrically powered aircrafts.



Innovative non-destructive method for in-line characterization and quality assurance of discontinuous recycled carbon fiber semi-finished products.



Networked application-oriented aviation research through an agile, intelligent, networked and holistic knowledge management for lightweight construction.



Circular product design for automotive components made from recycled and sustainable composite material


MAI Scrap SeRO

From Scrap to Secondary Ressources – Highly Orientated Wet-Laid-Nonwovens from CFRP-Waste


NGST | Next generation protective textiles

Efficient production of novel, high-quality infection control textiles.


High-Volume Automotive CFRP Structural Component

Pultrusion @ Fraunhofer IGCV