Reference projects casting technology


Simulation and component design

At Fraunhofer IGCV we continue to develop various CAE tools in order to push the limits further and create new simulation tools for areas not yet covered.



Characterization of molding and casting materials

In the sand and gravity die casting process, the correct selection of mold and casting materials has a decisive influence on the properties and quality of the castings.


Decoring of castings

At Fraunhofer IGCV, various test rigs and a decoring plant on an industrial scale are available to investigate the decoring behavior of sand binder systems.

Digitization in the casting industry

With the data value stream analysis developed at Fraunhofer IGCV, the relevant parameters can be identified by means of selective data analyses and targeted on-site process analyses.

Alloy development of casting materials

Fraunhofer IGCV works on the development of novel aluminum alloys, which are characterized by enhanced mechanical properties.

Mold generation for the castings of tomorrow

The project Schichtbau² deals with the automation of processes by unconventional, cleanable mold splitting with indirect additive manufacturing.

AI-based quality assurance of cast components

Quality assurance in casting technology is achieved through AI-based anomaly detection in computed tomography images.

Condition Monitoring in Binder Jetting

The core component printhead is monitored and examined for anomalies during the binder jetting process to prevent errors.


Intelligent search and gripper system: combining additive manufacturing, sensor and control technology, and artificial intelligence with a bionic approach.