PET-Rezya | Circular use of flame-retardant PET through enzymatic recycling modeled by applications in aviation

Development of a biotechnological recycling process for flame-retardant PET materials

The PET-Rezya project addresses the overarching goal of transforming today's economy into a bioeconomic circular economy. On the one hand, climate change will be countered through the circular use of raw materials, and on the other hand, environmental pollution caused by plastic waste will be reduced through circular use. 

In this project, together with the project partners, a recycling process based on the enzymatic decomposition of plastics is to be developed and used. The aim is to recycle flame-retardant PET using suitable enzymes. 

Especially for the transport sector, including aviation, it is essential to move towards more circular material flows. Technical PET polymers, which generally have a wide range of applications, are the focus of this project.

For bioprocess engineering, this recycling process to be developed will lead to a broadening of its technology base, especially in the circular use of plastics.

Further projects on the recycling of CFRP

The Fraunhofer IGCV has extensive expertise in the recycling of carbon fiber plastics. The following projects provide an insight into existing or already completed research projects in this context:  


MAI Carbon »CaRinA«

Circular use of flame-retardant PET through enzymatic recycling using the example of applications in aviation

MAI Scrap SeRO

Highly oriented wet laid nonwovens made from recycled carbon fibers - from waste to secondary raw material



Circular product design for automotive components made from recycled and sustainable composites


Economic, technical and life cycle assessment of recycled carbon fibers in industrial processes


High-performance tapes made from recycled carbon fibers for lightweight construction

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