Integrated design and production of customer-innovated products in cyber-physical production systems

Customers now expect greater customization and configuration options for their products while at the same time demanding higher quality standards. In contrast to previous configuration solutions, InnoCyFer allows the customer to intervene in the product development process and to bring in own product ideas.

For the production of such highly unique goods, extraordinarily flexible manufacturing systems are necessary, which must also be able to act autonomously and thus intelligently. New technologies such as swarm intelligence and extended communication capabilities with other machines make it possible to meet these high demands. InnoCyFer combines such systems and intelligent objects as cyber-physical production systems. As a use case, a customer-innovated fully automatic coffee machine will be prototypically developed in the scope of the project.

Project clip

Official InnoCyFer project clip

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For a detailed description of the research project and its modules, visit the information section on the project website (in German).

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