Sand-based additive manufacturing

AM gives wings to traditional manufacturing processes

Fraunhofer IGCV has unique expertise in binder jetting technology (an additive manufacturing process). In this process, a powder material is solidified layer by layer by the local, precise introduction of a binder material via pressure heads with several 10,000 openings.

The focus of the research work is on the processing of casting-relevant materials, such as molding sands. For example, different molding sands and binder materials are being researched that behave particularly economically and technologically favorably in casting processes. As a result, additive manufacturing processes do not compete with conventional manufacturing technology but act cooperatively as enablers of improved (shortened) process chains in the casting technology.

Wheel carrier produced by stack casting for the Formula Student racing team of the Technical University of Munich
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Wheel carrier produced by stack casting for the Formula Student racing team of the Technical University of Munich.
a) CAD model, b) Virtual layers, c) Stack of layers, d) Finished cast component

Condition Monitoring in Binder Jetting: Project ConMon3D

To prevent expensive and time-consuming errors in additively manufactured components, the project »ConMon3D« continuously monitors the print head as a core component for binder jetting processes. Until now, the condition of key machine components in binder jetting has usually only been checked manually before the printing process. Therefore, the aim is to develop an easy-to-integrate module for binder jetting processes that saves effort and costs by enabling monitoring without the need for significant hardware outlay.

For example, images are taken with a process room camera inside a 3D printer to obtain the required measurement data. This enables statements to be made about the expected component quality and processes to be readjusted accordingly.

Further information: to the »ConMon3D« project page

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