Polymer-based additive manufacturing

Plastics and composites processing by means of additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing processes have their origins in plastic processing. Since the 1980s, numerous technologies have been used and developed that have made it possible to produce prototypes from plastics in a time-efficient manner. Today, plastics processing methods have reached a level of maturity that enables the series production of high-performance polymers in certified industries such as aviation or medical technology.

At Fraunhofer IGCV, research focusses on two plastics processing additive manufacturing techniques:

  • Liquid Deposition Modeling for the production of fiber-reinforced plastics with thermoset matrix.
  • Extrusion technologies, such as fused layer modeling.

In addition, Fraunhofer IGCV is involved in cooperation with numerous partners from research and industry in the material characterization of additively manufactured plastic parts, for example, at elevated operating temperatures.

Standardization of fiber volume content determination using thermogravimetric analysis
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Standardization of fiber volume content determination using thermogravimetric analysis

Semantic modeling of the complex dependencies of additive manufacturing processes: Project SeMplex

In the »SeMplex« project, predictions of the component properties of additively manufactured components are made possible by the ontological description of material and process parameters. The complex dependencies of additive manufacturing processes thus become more tangible. Thus, producing companies save time and costs through a more efficient selection and adaptation of process parameters during the manufacturing process.

Further information: to the »SeMplex« project page

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