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We have curated a selected collection of reference projects from Fraunhofer IGCV.

The projects cover a wide range of research focus areas, which can be easily explored by filtering through different categories.

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  • Projekt zum Thema Biologische Transformation, Copyright: iStock-Jasmina007
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    The MIKADO project is concerned with the development of lightweight structures made of composite tubes and cast nodes. It aims to research and optimise innovative joining technologies to create lightweight yet strong structures for various application areas such as automotive and mechanical engineering.

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  • Titelbild, Kachel, Icon zu Automotive
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    The consortium of the lead project »FutureCarProduction« will develop holistic solution approaches for the evaluation of new car body concepts in the automotive industry. To this end, it is necessary to establish methods, processes and technologies with which ecological sustainability can be methodically evaluated and technologically guaranteed, always in conflict with technical performance and costs.

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  • Projekt zum Thema Fabrikplanung und -steuerung, Copyright: ShutterB -
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    The casting process is a complex manufacturing process that depends on various influencing variables. In order to optimise the process, Fraunhofer IGCV and its partners are therefore researching sensor technology for foundry processes, methods for component tracking and AI models for foundry use.

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  • Projekt zum Thema Gießereitechnik, Copyright: Fraunhofer IGCV | Andreas Heddergott
    © Fraunhofer IGCV | Andreas Heddergott

    A central challenge in the application of inorganics is the coring of filigree inner cores, as the inorganic binder does not thermally decompose during casting. The simulation model developed at Fraunhofer IGCV predicts the formation and expression of the core fracture in a virtual test laboratory.

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  • Projekte zum Thema Additive Fertigung

    Indirect additive manufacturing offers the possibility of producing very complex geometries at moderate costs. It is important to note here: The more complex the mould, the more complex the subsequent cleaning process. Here, the Schichtbau² project offers a possible solution that also holds out the prospect of a fully automated process.

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  • Titelbild, Kachel, Icon zum Thema Bauteildesign
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    With increasing demands on the structural design and layout of modern components, research in the field of design and simulation is also becoming more and more important. This includes the development of CAE tools that can be used to create new simulation tools.

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