Position paper "Mobility of the future must be produced”

Addendum »Value-Added Networks«

The automotive industry is undergoing a far-reaching transformation, possibly the most comprehensive one in its history - this is now the consensus. However, one thing is sure: regardless of what mobility of the future will look like, the vehicles used will have to be produced before they can be used as a means of transport. The Fraunhofer autoMOBILproduktion Alliance recently sent this out in its position paper »Mobility of the future must be produced«. Four central drivers of automobile production were analyzed: Digitization, market, people, and drive. In the context of vehicle production, this results in new challenges and opportunities for companies. Therefore, the factory infrastructure and IT systems must be adapted to the new requirements to maintain competitiveness in the long term.  

The Addendum "Value-Added Networks" to the position paper now focuses on global and closely networked value-added networks that are also subject to change. By the idea of supply chain management, possible adaptation measures for value-added networks are shown, starting from the drivers market and people. New options and solutions for sustainable value-added networks will be presented concerning the current drivers of digitalization and drive.  

Vehicles are becoming more complex, life cycles are getting shorter, and the number of companies in the value network is continuously increasing. These developments mean that the effort required to coordinate all players is also growing steadily. In the future, it will be crucial for companies to become flexible and adaptable. In this area of tension, a solution space is shown with aspects from the »Silicon Economy«, additive manufacturing for the flexibilization and stabilization of production, as well as infrastructure-reduced and thus adaptable production.

Here you can download the position paper »Mobility of the future must be produced« and the addendum »Value-added networks« (German version only).

Value-Added Networks
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Value-Added Networks

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