Here you will find an overview of our range of services:

  • Collaborative and user-centered planning and evaluation of factories and production systems:

    • As-built digitization and interactive visualization
    • Collaborative factory planning (e.g., with BIM and AR)
    • Site- and production-specific design of energy supply concepts
    • Life cycle assessment for evaluating control variables for more sustainable products and for more sustainable production
    • Resource-efficient production processes through holistic PPS and information logistics
    • Simulative validation of planning results
    • User-centered decision support for planning and control of complex production systems
  • Optimization of the management of production data using artificial intelligence (AI) with the aim of end-to-end intelligent process digitization:

    • Nowledge modeling and learning neural networks
    • Intelligent image processing (self-configuring camera system through organic computing)
    • Data science and data mining methods
  • Method-based and automated design and process development through:

    • Model-based design and automated model generation
    • Sustainable product design
    • Structural simulations and process simulations
  • Use of robotics as physical and cognitive assistance in production through optimized human-robot cooperation and interaction:

    • Mobile robotics
    • Simplified programming
    • Automatic adaptation of employees' needs
    • Integration of safety standards
  • Conceptual design and consulting for the optimization of the technical cleanliness of components and ensuring corresponding standards:

  • Composite designs and process chain developments for resource-efficient processing of duromer- and thermoplastic-based high-performance fiber composites:

    • Automated, material-efficient and near-net-shape preform production (Automated Fiber Placement, Automated Tape Laying, Automated Fiber Patch Preforming, Continuous Fiber Tailoring)
    • Highly productive manufacturing processes for profile-shaped composite structures (pultrusion, pul-braiding, pul-winding)
    • Nonwoven fabric production from recycled carbon fibers
    • Customized semi-finished fabrication for development materials
    • Thermoforming and consolidation technology as well as forming, liquid resin impregnation and curing processes
    • Laboratory facilities for recycled carbon fibers Test method development, material analytics and material databases
    • Online process monitoring, digitalization and machine
      learning for composite production systems and associated process chains
    • Tool-less mold and core production using the binder jetting process for large and highly complex components
    • Digitalization in the casting industry
    • Simulative mapping of processes
    • Material development for casting and molding materials
    • Mold generation for the castings of tomorrow
    • AI-based quality assurance of cast components
  • Additive manufacturing of metal components and metallic multi-material components, of polymers and composites, and of materials for casting technology:

    • Functional integration by processing different materials (multi-material solutions)
    • Materials management (testing and characterization)
    • Design innovations (function integration, lightweight construction, design to meet requirements)
    • Optimization of manufacturing processes (simulation, multi-material processing, monitoring)
    • Production integration of technologies (potential analysis, component selection, etc.)
  • Manufacturing of components from different materials (e.g. hybrid configurations of FRP/metal or two metal alloys) to show additional functions and improved performance, e.g. automated sensor integration for additive manufactured components:

    • Identification of potentials for multi-material solutions and support during industrial implementation along the entire process chain
      Selection of material pairing (suitability for design, production and recycling)
    • Process technologies: Laser beam melting, composite casting, extrusion of fiber-reinforced polymers, liquid deposition modeling of composites and high-pressure cold gas spraying
    • Interconnection technology for mixed construction methods
    • Non-destructive testing technology
  • Located in our research areas, we offer numerous opportunities for training and continuing education in the world of business:

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