Here you will find an overview of our range of services:

  • Better is the enemy of good. In practice, it means that you can't be satisfied with successful products, but must always look for improvements and launch new products on the market. We support you in optimizing products, extending their performance, producing and distributing them at low cost (or at least at a reasonable price) or even developing completely new products.

    Our expertise here lies in the production of fiber-reinforced as well as additive manufactured components and casting molds. We not only provide advice and assistance in the creation of prototypes. The manufacturing process is often similarly complex and must be developed together with the product. In cooperation with you, we can advance the product development.

  • We are at the forefront of technological developments in composites, processing technology, and casting.

    Examples of relevant technologies:

    • Pultrusion
    • Monitoring and simulation
    • Additive manufacturing processes
    • Qualification of new materials for additive manufacturing
    • Development of specific plant components
    • Cleaning processes
    • Inspection procedure for recording technical cleanliness
    • Remanufacturing
    • Composite recycling processes
    • Material flow simulation

    If such new technologies are to become products, you can contact us. We supply the right ideas and know-how to turn them into products and processes.

  • The development also includes analysis and testing. We have extensive and high-quality equipment in the casting, composite and processing technology to test components, materials, coatings and processes reproducibly for functionality and safety. We also analyze, characterize and test on your behalf and issue test reports or certificates.

    • Test engineering
    • Materials, materials, components
    • Non-destructive testing
    • Cleanliness analyses (particulate and filmic)
    • Testing the process ability of fiber-reinforced tows / tapes (slitting, laying, forming, consolidating or impregnating behavior, etc.)
  • Markets change, as do technologies, legal requirements or economic conditions; a company can expand, enter into new partnerships or adapt its product range.

    There are many reasons why an existing production plant, process chain or company organization may no longer meet current requirements. We explore possibilities for improvement in technical and organizational processes, point out corresponding potential and encourage the development of new innovations. Of course, we also accompany you during the implementation phase:

    • Agile production optimization
    • Data lake
    • Optimization of order processing
    • Selection and evaluation of appropriate ICT technologies
    • Auto-ID deployment
    • Platform concepts
    • Process / material flow simulation
    • Design of production and assembly system
    • Layout design
    • Process chain analysis
    • Intelligent material flow management / production process planning
    • Cost analysis of individual manufacturing technologies and complete manufacturing process chains
    • Ecological consideration of the product life cycle
    • Energy management in factories
    • Provision of energy data for different manufacturing technologies, process parameters and production conditions
    • Analysis and improvement of production processes with regard to technical cleanliness
    • Lean production
  • Located in our subject areas, we offer numerous opportunities for training and further education in the working world:

    • LVP - learning factory for networked production
    • Project: Medium-sized business 4.0
    • Employee qualification for the use of additive manufacturing processes
    • Composite Engineer: Recycling and maintenance module (modular further training of the Fraunhofer Lightweight Construction Alliance)
    • Training in the field of technical cleanliness
    • Further training for teachers
    • Further seminars, conferences etc.  

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