Autonomously navigating robot system with a 6-axis robot (Schunk LWA4P) for handling tasks

  • Freely navigable platform with configurable map
  • Operating time: 12 hours (6 hours charging time)
  • Clean room class: ISO 3

Research areas:

  • Human-Robot Interaction: Intuitive operation by means of gesture and eye control as well as projected presentation of information
  • Tool logistics: assembly of machine tools

Mobile robot

Performance of intralogistic tasks, assembly assistance

  • Grenzebach LS1200: Load capacity 1200 kg, up to 1m/s
  • Yaskawa HC10: 10 kg load capacity, reach 1200 mm

Research areas:

Human-robotic-collaboration assembly workstation

Assembly workstation with a UR10 universal robot

  • Assembly of a demonstration gear unit in a team of human and robot
  • Universal Robot UR10: 10 kg payload, reach 1300 mm

Research areas:

  • Task oriented programming: Programming system for easy assignment of tasks between human and robot
  • Planning of the workplace for fence-free operation
  • Intention recognition: recognition of the intention of the worker during assembly and derivation of a robot reaction
  • Camera-based collision avoidance between humans and robots

Force controlled assembly

Workstation for the sensitive joining of complex components with a KUKA LBR4+

  • Assembly of gear wheels to a transmission
  • KUKA LBR4+: 7 kg payload, reach 790 mm

Research areas:

  • Force controlled joining and assembly of components
  • Interface-free cooperation of stationary, force-controlled robot systems and mobile AGVs
  • Use of dynamic safety components

Stäubli cell

Robot path planning using real-time simulation

  • Collision-free path planning and dynamic evasion
  • Stäubli TX60: 9 kg load capacity, reach 920 mm

Research areas:

  • Development and integration of intelligent machine components for effective data acquisition and process control
  • Integration of intelligent image processing in handling systems
  • Flexible and collision-free path planning of industrial robot systems

Pick and Place

Handling of objects on conveyor belts

  • Detection and dynamic tracking of moving objects
  • Yaskawa MH5: 5 kg load capacity, outreach 1450 mm

Research areas:

  • Task-oriented Programming
  • Networking of system components with OPC UA

Human-robotic-collaboration training cell

Implementation of training courses in central topics of robotics

  • Execution of business games in dealing with robot systems
  • Yaskawa HC10: 10 kg load capacity, reach 1200 mm
  • Universal Robot UR5e: 5kg payload, reach


  • Enabling the initial contact with different robots and their components (gripper technology, safety technology, programming)
  • Lowering inhibition thresholds and subject-specific knowledge transfer
  • Opening up new areas of application in SMEs