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The Fraunhofer IGCV aims

  • to bundle research and development in the fields of lightweight casting technologies, fiber composites and automated manufacturing,
  • generate innovations for German industry and
  • drive interdisciplinary research in the German core industries of automotive engineering, aircraft construction, and mechanical and plant engineering.


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What does the collaboration look like?

Individual orders

The classic case of cooperation: The company sees a need for research or development; for example, it wants to bring product innovation to market, improve a process, solve a logistical problem or have a process tested and certified. A discussion with Fraunhofer shows which solutions are available, which cooperation is suitable, and what expenditure can be expected. The cooperation - whether small or extensive - aims at solving the problem and introducing the innovation into the company or the market.

Large projects with many partners

Some problems are so complex that several partners have to develop the solution. In this case, the entire environment of the Fraunhofer Institutes is available to the clients. External partners and other companies can also be involved. Fraunhofer researchers have experience in handling large projects efficiently and fairly. And they also know what government funding is available.

International cooperation

Fraunhofer is also represented abroad. Many Fraunhofer employees have international experience, appropriate cultural and linguistic skills, and first-hand knowledge of global markets. This means that internationally active companies can also be supported abroad.

Strategic partnerships

Fraunhofer aims to advance promising technologies. This preliminary research, which is initially carried out independently of orders, often results in long-term partnerships with companies. One example is the Dortmund Surface Center, in which companies from the steel industry work together with Fraunhofer institutes, universities of applied sciences, and universities. This network aims to bring new coating technologies to application.

Innovation clusters - networking boosts performance

Handling complex projects can involve many competencies and disciplines. Long-term cooperation between several research institutions and companies is advantageous. To this end, Fraunhofer - with the support of the German government - has created innovation clusters. Such a cluster has the task of bringing together competent partners in a region to solve challenging tasks. In addition to industry and universities, other non-university research institutes located there are also integrated, making important contributions to the corresponding topic area.

The spatial proximity of research organizations, investors, and companies creates networks that can lead to new business ideas and company start-ups. Regional innovation clusters close the gap between business and science. Successful clusters stimulate competition and at the same time create fruitful cooperation from which everyone ultimately benefits.


Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institutes are creative and adept at putting good ideas into practice. They often go into business for themselves with new development, a product or a process, and set up their own company. Fraunhofer itself only participates to a certain extent in such a start-up. Sometimes the clients of new development are themselves interested in being part-owners of the spin-off company. This enables them to participate in the further success and development of technology in the long term.


  • Our contract research projects are characterized by clearly defined goals, work packages and milestones and provide you with directly applicable results for your company.

    This can be an individual contract, which usually only concerns the commissioning company and the Fraunhofer IGCV.

    Other tasks are so complex that several partners must develop the solution together. In such cases, the know-how of all Fraunhofer Institutes is at your disposal, covering all conceivable topics. External partners and other companies can also be consulted. We have experience in the efficient and fair handling of large projects.

    Examples of our offers

    After establishing contact and initial exploratory talks, you will decide together with us what the further cooperation should look like. Within the framework of this agreement, you will receive a concrete offer from us, which forms the basis of our project work.

    In this offer we outline:

    1. The initial situation we have identified

    2. The objective of the task we are working on

    3. The project structure = cooperation and project management

    (Short overview of the work packages, information on project management, communication, responsibilities for awarding and accepting contracts)

    4. The paired approach = explanation of individual work packages

    4. A time schedule = project plan

    5. The pricing

  • Some problems are so complex that several partners must develop the solution. In such cases, the entire environment of the Fraunhofer Institutes is available to the client. External partners and other companies can also be consulted.

    Public funding - from the state, federal government or EU - usually plays a role in these large-scale projects. In publicly funded research projects, industrial companies develop new topics together with research institutions. For a joint project, industrial partners and research institutions jointly apply for funding. The results of such projects are pre-competitive findings and broadly applicable methods. These methods can then be adapted and transferred to company-specific requirements and applications, for example within the framework of contract research.

  • The Fraunhofer IGCV accelerates development and innovation processes. With a strategic partnership you have a regulated access to our growing know-how and to our technical possibilities. For example, you as a company can provide us with the latest machine and plant technology for testing and research purposes at the institute or you can use our technical equipment or know-how to familiarize yourself with new technologies. This gives you planning security for your research and innovation projects.

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Further information about possibilities of cooperation, the range of services and the equipment of Fraunhofer IGCV.



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